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Body Builders was created for young students to explore the fascinating world of human anatomy. Through hands-on activities and guided instruction, students will delve into the mechanics and functions of the human body, focusing on different organs of the nervous, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems.  In each class meeting, students will create models focusing on particular organs and/or functions of each system, allowing them to visualize and comprehend how they work. This interactive approach encourages a comprehensive understanding of each system's purpose and function. ​ Prerequisites: Ability to follow 1-2 step instructions, an understanding of the differences between living and nonliving things.  *Ability to read and write preferred but not required.  ​ Recommended for ages 5-7 (k-2nd grade) ​ Class meets in person every Friday for 6 weeks from 10:30 am- 12 pm Location: Cornerstone Presbyterian Church ​ Class start date: February 2nd ​ Members: Free Non-members: $10

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