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Human Geography is the study of physical and cultural geography and how the two interact. Topics include items such as population, migration, culture, religion politics, agriculture, and economic development. Students will choose between a variety of activities to learn about various parts of the world and connect cultures with regions. This session covers Europe, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and Antarctica. This is a hybrid class and students are expected to complete independent at-home assignments in preparation for in-person meetings. Students will handle food and cooking dishes from diverse cultures during some of the in-person portions of this class. Students receive a final grade for their work and participation upon completion of the class. There may be some culturally sensitive topics like colonization, religion, and/or political views in relation to regions. Parents are urged to review videos and reading material along with their student(s) as they progress through the course material. Human Geography I and II are created in alignment with the SC high school standards for Human Geography and are academically layered to accommodate students ages 12 and older. ** Please complete the first step to register your child. **

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Human Geography II

Human Geography II

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