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Embracing the differences and celebrating strengths.

Neurodiversity Among Us is a celebration of neurodiverse minds. It aims to reshape the views of disabilities and mental development within and towards the melanated community. The stigma surrounding disability and more singularly, neurodivergence, is often thought of by many, whether consciously or subconsciously, as a state of helplessness and incapability. People of the African diaspora, often, are misdiagnosed based on bias. Typical indicators of neurodiversity are often disregarded as behavioral or emotional disorders. Proper diagnosis, genuine acceptance, and access to resources can drastically improve the quality of life of our children and families.  

Where The World of Art Meets Neurodiversity

Ever painted a portrait with a SPOON? What about a mural made of kitchen sponges and bottle caps? The 2nd annual NEURODIVERSITY AMONG US will use artistic diversity to celebrate neurodiversity!  

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Meet Our Organizer, Anastasia Ford 

As Akoma Cares’ Disability Advocacy Coordinator, I aim to make positive changes in the disabled melanated community. We are a community that is often disregarded and underrepresented. My role is to guide our families in navigating disability resources, ensuring our environment is inclusive, and providing direct peer support for Akoma families in the disability community. I also serve on the Disability Rights of SC Board of Directors and Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at Family Connections. My passion is advocating for disability inclusion and human rights. My husband and I share three sons, one being autistic, and I share my personal experiences to help other families on their journeys.  


Meet our Partner

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Institute for Mind and Brain 

The Institute for Mind and Brain is a cognitive and neural developmental research leader. Their early social development lab focuses on early identification and intervention for Autism in the first year of life. The Carolina Autism and Neurodevelopment Research Center aims to build a multi-disciplinary, collaborative center for basic, clinical, and intervention research and education in autism and neurodevelopmental disorders at the University of South Carolina. Akoma Cares is honored to join forces with them to expand neurodiversity awareness. 

Flashback to the Inaugural NDAU

 Ways to Share in the Vision 

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!


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Thank you for showing interest in supporting such a worthy cause. If you have any more questions please contact Anastasia Ford via phone at (803) 386-1731 or by email at This is going to be an incredible event, and we would love your participation.

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