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Tomekia Latoya, founder and owner of Errapel Wellness

Akoma Cares had the pleasure of interviewing business owner and homeschooling mother of three Tomekia Latoya to talk about homeschool life, entrepreneurship, and the delicate balance between the two. Read on to learn more about Tomekia’s journey as wife, homeschooling mother, and entrepreneur.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your business, and family?

I am Tomekia Latoya. I am a wife, mother to 3 beautiful children, and the founder and owner of Errapel Wellness. I homeschool two of our three children. We have lived in Columbia for the past 8 years and have made it our home. We started homeschooling about 5 years ago when we decided to remove our daughter from public school.

How and when did you make the decision to homeschool? We made the decision to homeschool about 5 years ago when we realized that the school system was not giving our children what they needed educationally. We wanted to be able to give our children what they needed in a safe space that allowed them to be themselves and support their interests/passions.

What’s a typical Homeschool day look like for you and family? Our homeschool days vary from day to day as we tend to go with the flow of things and what the days bring. My children that I homeschool are 9 years apart and do it very differently as to what they need as well as want when it comes to their learning. My son may start his day with legos and then move to his book work whereas my daughter may watch a documentary for her college course, move to her homeschool assignments, then back to her college work. Some days we homeschool at home and some days we do it at my shop. It's hard to say what a typical day is for us because no two days are ever the same

Tomekia and daughter at Errapel Wellness

t’s clear from the quality of your work and services that you love what you do. Can you share with us the origins of Errapel Wellness and the driving force behind the brand?

I really do love what I do! Errapel Wellness started with my family, my son to be exact. My husband didn't want our son to be vaccinated when he was born. Me moving in fear, I allowed him to get his first set of shots. Not long after he began to show signs of eczema on his skin. His doctor at the time only wanted to provide a cream without getting to the root of the eczema. After doing tons of research, I found the link between vaccinations and eczema among other things. I then researchEd how I could help him with his eczema and that lead me to detox baths using herbs and Epsom salts.

After a month or so of using a detox bath that I created, there were no signs of eczema and we haven’t had an issue since… he’s almost 6 now. That was the start of my journey of creating handmade bath salts, herbal teas, and pain salves for my family and friends. Fast forward 4 years and Errapel Wellness was created. The driving force behind Errapel is the love I have for my family and community. I want everyone to have access to herbs and products that may assist them on their healing journey.

Homeschooling and entrepreneurship require a certain level of dedication and balance. What are some of the ways you incorporate balance into your professional and personal life as a homeschooling entrepreneur? The two things I live by when it comes to being a mother—a homeschool mother, as well as an entrepreneur, are that I always have to be able to find the balance within the imbalance and to always remember to give myself grace. There are going to be days when I don't get every single task done in my store and there will be days when I over or under-schedule assignments for my children. All and all I know I show up and I do my best.

Tomekia and son running errands together in between shop hours

What's one piece of advice you'd like to give to someone considering homeschooling and is afraid to commit to the decision?

Do it! But do it in a way that works and fits you and your family. There is no cookie-cutter way to homeschool. Create the schedule that you want, create the curriculum that you want, create the day-to-day that you want, create the homeschool lifestyle that you want and that works for you, within the capacity of the state requirements of course.

What's one piece of advice you'd like to give to a mom considering starting a business while homeschooling their children?

You don't have to choose! You can run a business and homeschool your children by finding ways to make them a part of the business because, at the end of the day, it's all learning opportunities.

Errapel Wellness’s mission is to assist you on your healing journey by providing herbal and aromatherapy products and knowledge on how to use them.

To learn more about the Errapel Wellness brand or to shop online visit www.Errapel . You can also shop in store at 2222 Sumter Street, Columbia SC (inside NoMa Warehouse).

Akoma Cares, 2023

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