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It’s in the name!  H.Y.P.E Clubs are designed for children to explore their interests, connect with their peers, and develop skills that can be carried well into adulthood. Children retain more of what they learn when experiencing learning in a real world setting while gaining the opportunity to apply their new found knowledge. 


H.Y.P.E clubs are filled with education based activities that encourage this form of learning. You can read more about the clubs currently offered below! 


Did you know that children learn best through play? Gameschooling, which is a popular style of homeschooling,  allows your child to explore numerous subjects through online gaming, board games, and the use of gaming systems. Club membership includes a Minecraft Education account, complimentary Boddle Learning interactive math account, gaming related in-person as well as virtual fieldtrips, monthly virtual Minecraft meetups, and monthly in-person board game meetups. Students complete challenges and activities for the opportunity to collect merit badges. Board game meetups are the last Thursday of every month from 1-3p. Some parent participation required.
Starts September 2023

Recommended for ages 5 and up

Free with Membership 

$25 for Non-members


Comprised of STEM based learning opportunities, children will explore nature across the Carolinas.  H.Y.P.E Nature students meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month  with field trips to different nature spaces and farms throughout the year. Children choose the activities they would like to complete and receive merit badges for varying nature challenges.This is a year round club.


H.Y.P.E Nature is divided into three learning groups—

k-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th and up. (You can choose the group best suited for your child regardless of age). Parent participation required. 


Meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month @10:30am


$18 with Membership

$45 for Non-members 


H.Y.P.E Black Literature encourages the exploration of black literary classics and black modern literary works for all ages.Teens can join the hybrid book club to explore Coretta Scott King Awarded books. Preschool through 5th grade students are divided into three book clubs (preschool, K-2, and 3rd-5th) and meet on the 1st and 3rd  Thursday of the month


How Hybrid CSK book club works:


Students will vote from a selection of three books, how many chapters they will read between each virtual meeting, and how often they will meet. After the end of each book, there will be an in person end-of-book celebration. Books are purchased by Akoma Homeschoolers Hybrid Learning Center and shipped to their doorstep.


Some parent participation is required with book club. First cycle of CSK book club begins with virtual orientation.


Orientation: September 7th @ 4:30pm

How Preschool to 5th Grade book club works:


Students will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month in-person to complete a book related activity/discussion surrounding the material read at home. Books are provided by the Akoma Homeschoolers Hybrid Learning Center.


Free with Membership

Cost for Non-members:

CSK Book  Club $15

3rd-5th Book Club $15

K-2nd  Book Club $5


Preschool Book Club  Free only available through the Abrofa (little one) membership

All clubs meet in-person on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month EXCEPT for the CSK Book Club (see the CSK Book Club description above for details)


Formerly known as the Akoma Teens Club, H.Y.P.E Connection was created for teens and tweens to make friends and socialize. Teens can chat on the Akoma Teens private Discord chat server in between planned meetups. A great way for your teen to develop soft skills and build solid relationships!


H.Y.P.E Connection is only as good as the teens make it. It’s encouraged that they join the Discord server to connect with their peers. This helps them become more comfortable with in person meetups and allows them to share input on where, when, and how they want to connect with friends. Parents can volunteer for Discord moderator positions. For ages 12-17


Free with Membership

$15 for Non-members

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