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Camps & Workshops 2024


Our dynamic 5 day soccer camp will engage, teach and hone your skills. Designed for students 7-12 years old of all skill levels, this camp starts May 20th, 2024. Under the expert care of our instructor coach Chris, with over 25 years of experience as a player and now coach, students are sure to get an unforgettable experience!


Summer Lyrical Dance Camp: A week-long adventure with Carmen, blending ballet and jazz for 5-14 year-olds. Daily three-hour sessions filled with dance, play, and snacks. Limited spots – enroll now for an unforgettable summer!


Meet the Instructor


"I've been dancing since I could walk! My dance journey started at Dance World in Columbia, SC. I fell in love with jazz, tap, and ballet at the age of 3, and soon ventured into hip-hop, lyrical, and even pointe as I grew older. In high school, I proudly danced as team captain with the Stingettes at Irmo High School, while exploring my passion for hip-hop, contemporary, and African dance.


Though I took a break to focus on my studies, dance has always been my happy place. It brings me immense joy, comfort, and peace. Recently, I returned to teaching dance classes for children aged 5-12 at an after-school program in the Columbia area. Seeing the pure joy on their faces is priceless!


I'm currently pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Midlands Technical College, with a focus on social sciences and humanities. My dream is to become a school social worker, supporting and empowering young minds. When I'm not dancing, I enjoy Pilates, walks, gym sessions, and indulging in aerial yoga.

I would be thrilled to share my love for dance with your child at the camp. Let's make it a summer of fun, creativity, and self-expression through dance!"


This script-free workshop offers a unique opportunity for participants, whether hesitant or enthusiastic, to foster creativity and confidence. Join us starting June 12th for ages 8-11 and July 10th for 12+ for engaging theatrical games that are carefully designed to ignite rapid creative thinking. Led by the wonderful Sylvia, we provide an inclusive space for everyone to explore their imaginative potential.

Meet the Instructor


Sylvia Boyle   

Sylvia Boyle is a seasoned educator, homeschooling mom, and an advocate of fostering creativity, confidence and social-emotional intelligence in children of all ages.

With a theater background as vast as her enthusiasm, Sylvia thrives in crafting engaging and empowering learning experiences for youth while infusing an array of mediums within the arts. Being a life long lover of learning, as she hopes her own children will be, she remains committed to researching and refining her approaches to learning with the latest in holistic teaching practices.

This summer, she's thrilled to unleash her Improv workshops at the Akoma Cares Hybrid Learning Center, promising a riotous ride of self-discovery and expression in the uninhibited world of improv theater.

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