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We offer annual & semi-annual memberships starting in June, however, families can opt to join at any time during the year.

We also offer classes on quarterly and semester based schedules with specialty workshops offered throughout the year. This scheduling method gives you the opportunity to participate in classes that meet consecutively or only once. You can choose how involved you’d like to be in the programs we offer.




Annual membership is PER CHILD and starts at $80 for children ages 5 and up and $37.50  for children 4 and under. Semi-Annual membership is $49 per child. The membership for children 4 and under is only offered as an annual membership.  We offer a sibling discount of 15% for each additional child.

**the additional child discounts do not apply to memberships for ages 4 and under.​​​​

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Digital membership is $5/month. Save with a $25 semi-annual membership or a $45 annual membership. The digital membership will be included in all of our premium memberships.

**This membership will be available August 1st.

Payment is due with the membership/registration submission, and you can choose your payment option at checkout.

For more information on class scheduling and locations, click here. For more information on our student clubs, click here. 



Simply click the button below to be directed to our current classes and clubs. Select the classes and clubs you would like and complete registration!

​Be sure to check class times and prerequisites when making your selections.


Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

IF YOU ARE A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, WHY DO YOU CHARGE FOR SERVICES LIKE CLASSES AND STUDENT CLUBS? Although we are a 501c3 non- profit organization, at this time, we charge a membership to help cover the costs of supplies and materials for the student clubs and classes we offer. In some cases, we have been able to secure funding through grants and fundraising—these contributions help us keep membership fees as low as possible without compromising the quality of the services and programs we provide.

HOW LONG HAS AKOMA CARES BEEN OPERATING? Akoma Cares was founded as a nonprofit organization in 2019, however, we began our service to the community as an online support group in 2018. Our Hybrid Learning Center was launched January 2023 as a way to provide consistent classes and opportunities for enrichment to the families we serve.

WHERE DOES AKOMA CARES OPERATE? Akoma Cares is located in the Irmo, SC area but operates across the Carolinas. We offer virtual classes with in-person classes primarily scheduled in the Columbia, SC area.

IS MEMBERSHIP REFUNDABLE? No, not at this time. Membership fees are used primarily for the cost of supplies and material for our programs and services. Seeing that we are a grassroots nonprofit, providing refunds for membership isn’t something we can offer at this time.

WHY IS THERE A MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR CHILDREN 4 AND UNDER? Our Abrofa (little one) membership includes a wide range of activities for preschoolers to explore. Additonally, younger siblings often accompany parents and their older siblings to club activities and classes. Charging membership for preschool aged children helps us cover the cost of activities to keep them engaged while big brother and/or big sister are participating. We like to make sure that there is something for everyone to experience, no matter the age.

ARE CLASSES DROP OFF OR DO I NEED TO STAY AND VOLUNTEER? Classes are drop off optional and parents do have the option to assist their child in class. However, we ask that parents refrain from sitting in classes as spectators. Volunteering is also optional as well. If you’re interested in volunteering, we can always use the help! Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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